For all ages (18 +), genders, sexual orientations and preferences

Many people have questions and concerns about their sexuality. As a sex therapist, I work with the whole spectrum: from a simple question, up to specific and complex sexual problems. The complaints may relate to the body, the emotions, your self-image, behavior or relationship/s.

Here an overview of sexual issues, desires or problems that are common in my practice.

Sexual dysfunctions:

  • No or low interest in sex, too much desire, differences in sexual desire
  • Erection problems
  • Not enough lubrication
  • Pain during sex
  • Problems with orgasm (e.g. can not orgasm, too quick, no pleasant feeling during orgasm)

Sexual identity or orientation (of yourself, partner, child, or at work):

  • Problems with sexual orientation or form of relationship (lesbian, gay, bi, straight, queer, poly)
  • Conflicts through cultural or religious beliefs and sexuality
  • Problems with specific parts of the body (too large, too small, different than desired)
  • Transgender or transsexual
  • Intersex

Specific sexual preferences or behavior:

  • Porn
  • ‘Sex addiction’
  • Sex with others, open relationships, adultery/ cheating
  • Fetish / paraphilia
  • BDSM
  • Transvestism / Cross-dressing

Changes of your sexuality or body through or after:

  • sexual abuse or unwanted/ traumatic experiences
  • pregnancy, childbirth, parenting
  • stress
  • infections, illness, physical disorders (eg. HIV / Aids, cancer, operations)
  • age

Wish for children/ fertility (also for lesbian women/ gay men, or without a partner)

Learning nieuw skills and visions on sexuality:

  • tantra
  • taoist erotic massage
  • masturbation-techniques
  • sensate focus


If your complaint or desire is not listed here, please contact me to see, how you can be helped best.

Often people only start talking about their problems if the situation is already grown out of hand. I recommend to contact a sexologist early on, in order to avoid an accumulation of problems. Even several conversations already can have a great effect. Especially if your situation seems difficult or unsolvable, or you are carrying a secret. But also with general problems like loneliness, relationship/s (whether you do or do not have a partner), uncertainty about your body or any aspects of your sexuality.

My approach is always in a positive and supportive manner. Getting clarity about your current situation and its possible cause is the first step. From there we look what you wish to achieve, and how to grow towards your desired and satisfying sexuality or relationship/s.