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Feedback of clients:

“Volker treats the whole person on all levels: spiritual, mental, emotional and physical. I feel seen, nurtured, strengthened. I don’t even need to go back because I learned skills for using at home. This is real empowerment!”

Linda (45)

“The care and sensibility of Volker is what I was looking for! Finally one person that really listens!”

Rolf (38)

“I was always looking for the connection between sex and spirit. Something was missing. There was a lot of shame and insecurity. I learned to accept me on a very deep level and found more peace.”

Tony (32)

“ I was scared in the beginning, what to expect. Would I immediate have to lie naked on the massage table? Luckily all my fears were not true. Volker took all the time I needed and guided me step by step.”

Andrea (52)

“ I never knew that THAT was inside of me! What a relief to express it! I’ve got so much more energy now!”

Kareem (28)

What professionals say:

“Volker, thank you for holding space for humans to remember love ❤️.”

Angela Thurston, Alchemy of Sex, Writer and TED X-speaker


“I am so glad that you found your way to Volker Moritz. He is one of the most competent and loving therapists I have ever met.”

Joseph Kramer PhD, New School of Erotic Touch, Founder of Sexological Bodywork


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