A talk on sexual energy  – Eros

In our times sexual energy is often lived or thought of in a very limited fashion. From my research on sexuality and energy dynamics, and the experience in trainings with more than thousands of people I can say there is much more to it.

Sexual energy is the natural expression of the body. It can express itself in a wild, raw explosion of lust as well as in a still, most delicate, vulnerable moment of awe. Nothing is better or has more value than the other. It’s about understanding that we have all the possibilities and the freedom to choose.

Sexuality is not limited to the genitals and interaction on that level. It includes the whole body.

The genitals and erogenous zones are strong energy centres, with many neuronal pathways. Instead of excluding them (like in many massage or bodywork practices), or overemphasizing on them (like for example in our days porn industry), we can use them as a catalyst.

Many people have a distorted connection or hold strong negative beliefs or shame about their body in general, and especially about their genitals and anus. To re-connect and experience an inclusion of the whole body is a very liberating and healing process.

When the body is fully balanced, awaken and in its natural state, Eros is present.

Spirituality is not separated from sexuality, is not separated from our body. We are (w)holistic beings on many levels of existence. To use the body as a portal into our full existence is key.

In my work Eros can be the result of the practice. Other times sexual energy can be used specifically for healing.