Maori Bodywork & Healing

From the spirals of the ocean, to the orbits of the stars,
Healing comes in mysterious ways.
In darkness, in light,
In one breath, in a cry.
The stones tell the story,
Your bones echo the truth.

On my research travels around the world, I was so fortunate to learn from, and work with, Atarangi Muru and Manu Korewha from New Zealand, also known as the Maori Healers. I could learn and experience the ancient techniques of Romiromi and Mirimiri (Deep Tissue Bodywork and Energy Balancing), re-connecting the body with its inner wisdom, opening or balancing the senses and mind.

The connection with nature, the stars, the earth and elements is an innate part of this traditional healing art. Taking away what doesn’t serve your system any longer, tension from fears, anger, sadness or other held emotions, stories from this lifetime or past. It can include working and connecting with the ancestors and family lines.

How does it look like?
After a short introduction talk, you will lie on a massage table or on the ground, with clothes on. We work the body in whatever way is needed:

  • using hands, arms, elbows, knees or feet for applying touch and pressure
  • sitting, standing on or walking over the body
  • using stones (Kihatu) or special wooden sticks (Rakau)
  • including breath, sounds, prayers or songs

The treatment is powerful, intense and sometimes experienced as painful. Most people describe the relief afterwards from even long held structural, physical, emotional or spiritual issues.

For this session please wear comfortable and loose clothes. Calculate 1 to 1,5 hour, and some free time for yourself after the session. The price for this session is € 140 / CHF 160.

Here a video of the Maori Healers, showing the diversity and depth of the sessions: