Welcome to talk, touch & body explorations

Practice for Psychology – Sexology – Bodywork

  • stress release & trauma balancing
  • working with the body, the body as the key
  • take your sexuality and relationships to the next level
  • increase your feeling of self-esteem
  • ancient fluid intelligence with Continuum sounds, breaths, and movements
  • the transformative power of Eros
  • taking it deep: Maori Bodywork & Healing

Volker Moritz (1971)

Volker profiel square

  • Psychologist, MSc (clinical and social psychology, University of Amsterdam)
  • Sexologist NVVS-SH (RINO, Utrecht; registered by the NVVS)
  • Sexological Bodyworker (certified by IISB®, Zürich; registered by ACSB)
  • Maori Bodywork & Healing (Te Rongopae 2015, New Zealand)
  • Continuum Teacher & Practitioner (by Emilie Conrad, Santa Monica, member of Continuum Teachers Association, registered as Somatic Movement Therapist by ISMETA)